A friendly and efficient gel-coat repair service for your beloved boat.

Fiberglass Repair

Fiberglass Repair | Jam-Up Boat Repairs Inc. - Sanford,FL

The body, or hull, of your boat needs to be both lightweight and strong at the same time, so as to be able to deal...

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Boat Detailing

Boat Detailing | Jam-Up Boat Repairs Inc. - Sanford,FL

Everybody loves expressing their uniqueness and individuality, which is something that we apply by extension...

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Gel-Coat Repairs

Gel-Coat Repairs | Jam-Up Boat Repairs Inc. - Sanford,FL

Gel-coating and the repair of a gel-coat are both quite important in maintaining the integrity of your boat.

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Welcome To Jam-Up Boat Repairs Inc.

Whether your boat is your pride and joy or just something you use every now and then for pleasure, it is still a piece of machinery that needs to be well maintained and looked after. Here at Jam-up Boat Repairs Inc., we know all about boats and the problems that can occur with them, especially to the body of the boat itself. This is why we decided to start our business and help people like yourself to get the right advice and help with maintaining your boat in proper working order. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service with a particular focus on fiberglass repair, detailing work and gel-coat repair.

The hull of your boat is often subjected to many different types of pressures and little knocks, all of which add to the wear and tear and the eventual development of cracks as well as an overall weakening of the structure. In order to prevent this from happening, or getting worse and becoming a major issue, we recommend regular inspection of your boat. Any parts of the hull that appear to be compromised should be repaired as soon as possible, which is exactly where we come in. Our service is especially designed to assist with any and all fiberglass and gel-coat repairs. Our team is more than happy to come and see you and provide a free estimate on the cost of the repair work as well as provide tips and guidance on preventing future problems.

For total peace of mind boat repairs and detailing, contact us today at (407) 328-9800 for a free estimate!

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