Fiberglass Repair

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Fiberglass Repair

Fiberglass Repair | Jam-Up Boat Repairs Inc. - Sanford, FL

The body, or hull, of your boat needs to be both lightweight and strong at the same time, so as to be able to deal with all that Mother Nature has to dish out. Fiberglass is the perfect material for this purpose, as it is both strong and light and is also completely waterproof. With a large number of boats being built out of fiberglass, it makes sense to use this very same material for any type of repair work. Most people seem to think that any damage to the boat is easily fixed by simply applying some fiberglass to the affected area and that everything will be as good as new, however the actual processes used is not as easy as it may seem. The entire boat is a structure that needs to work in unison and as such, the whole structure needs to be sound to ensure that the boat is safe to operate.

Our team is able to do a thorough examination of your boat and its structural integrity in order to ensure that there are no other issues present. Once this has been done, we are then able to recommend the amount of work needed to be done as well as the time that it will take. All of these estimates are free of charge and we only start charging if you are happy with the estimate and wish us to proceed with the work. So, whether you need work done on surface cracks or on something a bit deeper, don’t chance it by trying to fix it yourself. Rather give us a quick call. We will provide you with a free estimate on the repair work needed.

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