Gel-Coat Repairs

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Gel-Coat Repairs

Gel-Coat Repairs | Jam-Up Boat Repairs Inc. - Sanford, FL

Gel-coating and the repair of a gel-coat are both quite important in maintaining the integrity of your boat. The gel-coating is a layer of a type of resin that is applied as the final coating on your boat and is the layer most in contact with the water. This means that this layer is almost always the first to get damaged, meaning it will also be the first to require repair work. While the process of repairing this layer may seem simple, there are other dangers that you would have to consider that could have serious consequences if left untreated.

Our team at Jam-up boat repair has a wide range of experience in dealing with all levels of gel-coat repair, which means that we will not only be able to repair your boat, but also point out any other potential problems. We want you to have the best possible experience with your boat and our staff will always try and bring any potential issues to your attention before they can develop any further. We are able to provide you with a free estimate as well as an honest opinion on the work needing to be done. Most minor gel-coat repairs are quick and easy to do, so we are able to get you back to enjoying your boat as quickly as possible. Should the repairs be more extensive, then we will advise you immediately and give you an assessment as to the time required to complete those repairs.

With a great track record of highly satisfied customers that have benefited from our gel-coat repair, we’re looking forward to becoming your go-to source for all repairs and services boat-related. Get in touch with us today at (407) 328-9800 for a free estimate!

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